A Message

to Texas A&M University and Blinn College Parents


Texas A&M, indeed all of Bryan-College Station, Texas, is a unique and special place. A young person can get a great education here that is grounded in traditional values and grow to recognize their full potential. Unfortunately, a young person can also get in serious trouble and end up with a criminal conviction.

Very often it is the young people who have always been well-behaved growing up who get in serious difficulties testing the limits of new freedom in a college town environment. If they do get into trouble, it is my job to extricate them with as little permament damage to their future as possible.

I was born and raised in Bryan, and am a graduate of Texas A&M, Class of '73; my Father was the Class of '41. I have been practicing law here since 1982. Hopefully, your child will not need an attorney while they are here, but if they do, please call our office at (979) 822-8533. We will be able to help.

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