Our Historic Location

Constructed in 1898

Our law office was built in 1898 for the family of Walter Wipprecht by a famous local builder named Charles Jenkins. Most of the surviving Victorian homes in Brazos County were built by Mr. Jenkins. The Wipprecht family occupied the house for 93 years until 1991.

When Phil and Martha Banks bought the home in 2001, they became only the third family to own it. Phil and Martha converted it into a law office while preserving the historical integrity of the structure. All of the woodwork and stained glass windows are original to the home.

The house has a sleeping porch and the original pump and cistern from 1898. When it was built there was no electricity or running water in the City of Bryan, Texas. The house is registered on the State Registry of Historic Places.

The Wipprechts were suspected of being German sympathizers during World War I and a German artist friend of theirs who lived with them was accused of being a spy for Kaiser Wilhelm. The artist disappeared the day the United States entered World War I (which did nothing to discourage the rumors of his espionage).

The house at 500 East 29th Street remains one of the best-preserved examples of Victorian Architecture in this area.

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